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About Aladdina Viajeros

Once upon a time, there was a girl who dreamed of embarking on a long journey to discover the places, cultures, and arts offered by her two countries. Spain and Morocco. Over The Years, as she got to know the magical corners of both countries, her senses became even more captivated. She trained in Barcelona’s hospitality and Tourism sector, and with the concepts in hand and a diversity of languages on his palate, she decided to start her great project to be a guide in Marrakech. The more knowledge she received, the greater the desire to offer visitors her beloved and endearing land. One of the main objectives Of this project was an iso collaboration with native families. In this way they achieve social and labor transformation, promoting equal rights between men and women. Through such strict and real foundations, Tours Aladdina Viajeros was born. From freedom and love the northlands have given me wisdom and character to face the uncomfortable in the justice of the new century. Our philosophy was born to offer private routes through the country to friends, couples, and families. Travelers are willing to feel the wildest, most adventurous life and travel through Morocco from the realness and fun. Our team of professional guides is fluent in Moroccan and has an excellent level of Spanish. The Tours Aladdina Viajeros team is determined that our explorers and the world expect a wonderful memory, showing their best smiles as they recall the taste of memories of a stay full of emotions.

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